Thursday, March 08, 2007

She's A Marvel...

So, I'm actually pretty proud of today's post.

See, I had this pencil sketch of a battle-weary Marvel Girl (aka Jean Grey) that I had drawn near the end of last summer. Last night i decided to ante up, ink it, and then attempt to color it in Photoshop.

The short of it, is that this is the inaugural piece in terms of computer coloring my own work.

I mean, I've fooled around on my tablet... doodled in PS and what not... but this is the first time I've taken a comic-based work of mine and colored it on the computer.

It's nothing special if you're talking quality, but I'm pretty damn proud of it.

There's the color... and for minuscule, meaningless kicks I threw in a grayscale version.

Also, check out my friend Chrissy's awesome web-strip, Exploding Life... funny as hell. ;)

Well, that's it then... Peace.

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